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ApexPay Technology enables repeat customers to recur payments without having to fill in their card information every time they make a purchase. This is a system that charges a customer at regular or predetermined intervals over a specified period of time. Here are a few examples include: A recurring payment for a subscription, A recurring payment of a usage-based bill (for example, your mobile phone bill), payments for purchases a buyer may make in the future (for example, purchases of a MP3 songs or games). The processing system we use is compatible with a range of technology and management systems, ensuring the highest level of user base for merchants. Customizable checkout journey for your branding. Unprecedented processing integration with important commerce platforms, CRM, ERP and different commercial enterprise systems.

Apexpay Technology’s processing connections provide encryption requirements routing between more than one obtaining banks, masking any fail-overs. Payment acceptance is more secure and automated. This also greatly reduces the possibility of human error and provides greater transparency of reports. We offer our merchants compatibility with as many technology and management systems as possible to maximize their customer base. Your brand's checkout experience can be customized. The ability to process data in real-time with major commerce platforms, CRM, ERP, and other business applications.

Apexpay Technologies Private Limited is a name you can bank upon to delgate the responsibility of taking care of your business's money management.

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